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There is a way

exhibition main picture / 展示のメイン画像

There is a way
Solo exhibition
@ Fuuro
2018/09/01  - 2018/09/09

Someone taught me the phrase, "Where there is a will, there is a way."

It makes me happy to remember that the title of the first work I made in Kasama in 2008 was "will".
Dreams come true one by one.
However, I don't notice such a thing and my dreams grow greedily.


I work with stainless steel and slip.
Usually I paint with slip on the surface of stainless steel sheet.
I paint the slip in sections on the stainless steel sheet to create various textures.
Then I load it into a kiln to be fired at 1300 degrees celsius or at cone 10.
After firling the clay disapeared by high temperature.
the surface of the stanless steel wich was not covered by slip will partially melt.
Lastly I cut up the sheet and weld the pieces back together to create a three dimensional form.
I listen to the stainless steel it speaks to me and It tells me how it wants to be formed.
My inspiration comes from the movement of the sea from where I was born.

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